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Rane Light Metal Castings America

“To be North America’s preferred supplier of specialized light metal cast components”

Our Vision


6 decades in Light Metal Castings industry

Integrated facility with machining capability

Manufacturing location at Russellville, KY

Certified with ISO / TS 16949 : 2009

Modern machinery



  • Manufacturing high pressure light metal castings for automotive applications like steering and HVAC,amongst other non- automotive applications
  • Expertise in producing complex, thin-walled, low porosity, high-pressure light metal castings
  • Capability to design & manufacture Squeeze castings from unique and economical processes


  • Design for manufacturability’ concept followed to minimize cost and maximize performance
  • The computer aided systems used include Mastercam®, SolidWorks, and AutoCAD® for modeling, computer simulation and design of production systems and/or tooling
  • Our extensive use of Process Simulation allows for optimum use of time, early and reliable decision making possible through quantitative predictions and reduction of production risks


Large Capacity Melting and Barrel Furnaces

Die Cast machines ranging from 600 to 1400 Tons

Fully automated die casting process with Partial squeeze pin technique, Vacuum assisted casting process

Thermally regulated die temp control

All necessary machining and assembly operations are performed so that when a machined part or subassembly leaves our facility, it is ready to install

Raw material control with Spectro analyser and Degassing to ensure gas free castings


We are dedicated to continuous quality improvement centered upon trust and respect

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Rane Light Metal Castings America

  • 232, Hopkinsville Road, Russellville KY 42276-1280
  • 270.726.2441
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