General Meeting

Year Notice Attendance Slip Proxy Form Voting Results Scrutinizers Report Summary of Proceedings E-voting period AD
2022-23 - -
26-Jun-22 to 28-Jun-22 (voting at AGM)
2021-22 - -
03-Aug-21 to 05-Aug-21 (voting at AGM)
E-Voting Registration
2020-21    -  - Transcripts 11-Aug-20 to 13-Aug-20 (voting at AGM)
E-Voting Registration
2019-20             05-Aug-19 to 07-Aug-19
(poll at AGM)
2018-19             30-Jul-18 to 01-Aug-18
(poll at AGM)
2017-18              28-Aug-17 to 30-Aug-17 (poll at AGM) -
2016-17              8-Aug-16 to 10-Aug-16
(Poll at AGM)

Postal Ballot

Year Notice Form Voting Results Scrutinizers Report Voting period
2017-18          13-June-2017 to 12-July- 2017
2016-17          12-Apr-2017 to 11-May- 2017