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Steering and Linkage Business

“Enhance domestic leadership & expand global presence in steering systems by providing value and technology solutions”

Our Vision


Inception in 1960

Market Leader in India

4 Manufacturing Locations

Worldwide Exports

Technical Partnerships

Deming Prize in 2007

Access to best Technology

Deming Grand Prize (Formerly JQM) IN 2012




  • Manufacturer of steering & suspension systems for every segment of automobile industry, viz Passenger cars, Multi utility vehicles, Light commercial vehicles, Heavy commercial vehicles and Farm tractors.
  • Inception of manufacturing facilities in the year 1960.
  • Branched into Hydraulic products (HSU and Cylinder) for Farm Tractors and Commercial Vehicle segment
  • Best in class manufacturing facilities
  • Holds major market share in India both in Manual steering gear systems & suspension systems


  • Core design philosophy of “getting it right the first time”
  • Contemporary computer aided engineering and design applications
  • Finite element analysis for all critical parts
  • Vehicle steering system analysis to simulate real life conditions


  • The journey to continuously enhance product life and reliability has seen various initiatives in deploying appropriate product and process technologies. The focus areas are
    • Reducing friction
    • Sealing
    • Light weighting
    • Reducing the need for service

Ball joints for a wide application catering

    • Greased-for-life maintenance-free design
    • Controlled torque for optimum application
    • Corrosion-free with specialized coatings

Manual and Mechanical Steering systems with

    • Low friction features for controlled torque output
    • Specially manufactured components for enhanced product life
    • High environment resilience through the use of specialized seals and coatings

R&D Capabilities

  • Comprehensive design facilities to simulate varied environmental scenarios
  • State-of-the-art test facility to validate product feature parameters, functional parameters, endurance and environmental integrity



Light Commercial vehicle, Heavy Commercial vehicle and Utility vehicles segments


Tractor and Commercial vehicle segments, and Hydraulic products


Passenger car segments


Caters specifically to the customers in the North of India

Automated and high power casting lines includes

  • UBE machines ranging from 650 to 900 Tons
  • Buhler machine of 530 Tons
  • Fully automated die casting process with Partial squeeze pin technique, Vacuum assisted casting process
  • Thermally regulated die temperature control
  • Addition of a new machining line to the casting shop
  • Raw material control with Spectro analyser and Degassing to ensure gas free castings

Modern machine shop includes

  • Fully automated and computer controlled Vertical & Horizontal machining centres
  • Online SPC in Machining lines for critical characteristics
  • High pressure washing machines to eliminate contamination, Leak free parts with in-house impregnation plant
  • Lean Manufacturing with single piece flow and packing at the end of line


Testing & Validation

Tests for Steering Gears

Steering and Linkage Business Facilites

Tests for Steering Linkage & Suspension Linkages

Test for Hydraulics

A real time feedback for total control makes it possible to maintain high precision levels for various components.



Manual Steering Gears



Steering Linkages



Suspension Components


Contact Information

Key Contact Person

Rane (Madras) Limited

  • ‘Ganapathi Buildings’ 154 (Old No. 61), Velachery Road, Chennai – 600 042. India.
  • Phone : +91-44-42267800